Carlos  Ossorio


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my story

Carlos has been in love with photography since his early childhood. His father gave to him a 1930 bellows type Voigtlander Bessa camera which started it all. The idea of freezing time has always been intriguing to him. Being able to capture beautiful images keeps him in total awe. It is a quest that drives him further artistically and spiritually as he realizes how fragile and beautiful our world is. He is an admirer and a traveler through God's majestic creation. With this website he wants to share with all friends and visitors some of his photographs. He wants the viewer to feel the colors, the places, the light and have a few moments of peace and joy. He continues to be amazed by the beauty of our planet as he searches for that elusive light that puts the "wow" in the photographs.  Enjoy the photographs and feel free to send him a message with your thoughts and comments. 
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